We are always looking for options for BEAR ALBANY guests during our weekend events and other times when they are feeling mischievous. Are you planning a picnic, pool party, or charity event? Going to the movies, museum or buffet?

Whatever you plan, before, during or after BEAR ALBANY weekends, we’d be happy to share it for you. Just email your event to along with your name, phone number, and any other relevant information such as the street address of the location and links to any Web sites and we will be happy to post and share it for you.

Have any suggestions? The Albany Capital District Region has a lot to offer and we're always looking for fun group ideas on and off of Bear Albany weekends.


To have your pics from Bear Albany weekends posted on the Bear Albany Facebook Page, email us a copy to with “Event Photos” as the subject line. After we receive your pictures, we’ll upload them to the event's photo album and publish them alongside our other Bear Albany event photos. Once posted, you'll be able to show your friends all the  hotties you met and then tag them with your new friends and old buddies on Facebook. TAKE-EM, ZIP-EM, TAG-EM!


We're always interested in B.A.D. Bears (Bear Albany Dancing Bears) for all of our future events. No experience is necessary and we welcome Bears & Cubs of all shapes and sizes; whether you're a big burly man-bear, a mid-sized beefcake, or a thinner fan of bears & masculine men. You'll keep any tips you get and have a great time making new friends.

If you and your friends are interested in making a little pocket cash dancing at our events, send your pics & questions to or just wear something sexy, get out there, and dance your ass off! After all, this is YOUR COMMUNITY, so enjoy each other and have a great time making new friends!!!


There’s an old saying that goes something like, “Show us yours & we’ll show you ours!”  Most BEAR ALBANY WEEKENDS have some sort of them and dressing the part adds to the atmosphere.  Although we encourage everyone to participate in the theme, dress code is never mandatory – we want you to feel comfortable and just be you!


Bear Albany has a Discussion Page on Facebook which is a great place to suggest themes and concepts for upcoming events, find travel buddies and roommates for future events, and of course make new friends. To get started, just visit the Bear Albany Facebook Page, click the "Discussions" tab, and then either start a "New Topic" or reply to an existing one. Everyone who is part of the Bear Albany Facebook group will be able to read and respond to your posts. You'll just need to make sure you're logged into your Facebook account and part of the Bear Albany group in order to create and reply to posts. We only ask that you be courteous and kind as it's a public forum for anyone to read.