If you have any questions about an upcoming event or need guidance on what to do while in Albany, you’re welcome to email us directly at We'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Send us event pictures you've taken, ask questions about becoming a Bear Albany Dancing Bear, or anything else your furry heart desires and we promise to have an open mind.  


We value the relationships that contribute to the success of Bear Albany and the success of our partners. We also understand that working closely together is a great way to help get our messages across to a wider audience. Our goal is to ensure that fans of Bear Albany have a very fun, low-cost, and memorable experience while attending our weekend events. If you'd like to work with Bear Albany, sponsor us, or contribute materials and merchandise so they get in front of our active audience, we'd love to schedule some time where we can discuss your ideas in greater detail. Just send us an email to with all the relevant information and we'll setup a meeting at our mutual convenience. 


Please feel free to comment below and share a little something about your experience with Bear Albany. We love seeing our buddies from all over the world and we really try to make sure everyone has a good time. So feel free to leave us your favorite memories of Bear Albany events, like the times your laughed the most, the themes and outfits you couldn't get enough of, or maybe just your well wishes for the everyone involved....


  1. Hi guys, great site!! We'd like to invite you to join BearGrind. Send us a Facebook message or Tweet and we'll provide instructions.

  2. Can anyone tell me what and where the Hospitality Suite is after the Party and if theres a cover charge to go to it?

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  4. I love your main event's on Saturday night, they're amazing.

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