Mr. Bro Bear Contest Rules 2023

Mr. Bro Bear Contest


Who can enter? 

All types of men or those that identify as male, who consider themselves a bear, cub, polar bear, chub, chaser or admirer.  Contestants must be 21 year or older. 

How do I register? 

Registration opens during the Bearaoke Meet & Greet on Friday 11/10 at ROCKS.  See the DJ on the club side for a registration form.  Registration will close at 10pm on Saturday 11/11, prior to the contest.  

When is the contest? 

The contest will be held on Saturday, November 11th, 2023 on the Pub side of ROCKS, 77 Central Av, Albany NY at 1130 pm.

Judging Categories: 

·    - Bro Bear Theme Attire – Best Bear Wear

·    - Underwear/Jock – Hottest or sexiest underwear or jock

·     - Who you are – Contestants will have 90 seconds on stage to impress the judges and audience by letting them know their stance in the community, perform a talent (no pyro or hydro please!).  Make them smile, make them laugh, make them fall in love with you!

 Contest Prizes:


Gift Basket including:

Misc. Bear Albany Merchandise

ROCKS Gift Card

Complimentary Admission to all 2024 Bear Albany main event parties

Bragging rights!

Winner Responsibilities:

·     -  Bear Albany, LLC asks the winner to perform the following:
Positively promote Bear Albany throughout the next year in your local community and your travels. 

·     -  Attend as many Bear Albany events throughout the year as possible

·     -  Wear your Mr. Bro Bear sash with pride

·     -  Assist in at least one Bear Albany fund raising event in the next calendar year

Contestants and winner give implied consent to Bear Albany, LLC to use their name, photos and other media for social media posts and advertising.  

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